More Television!

Sorry for the paucity of updates, but for the past week or so I've been caught between a rock and the GREs. I'm taking the test Monday (so wish me luck) and after that I've got five other applications to finish up by the end of the month. Not to mention my ongoing internship and my new job I started two weeks ago. Whew.

And even with all that, I've procrastinated by managed to get some quality television time on my computer.

Here are a few updates:

NBC.com shows

Heroes - You may have heard that Heroes creator Tim Kring apologized for the poor storylines and unremarkable romances on the show's second season. But even with the recycled plots and meandering relationships, I still find the series makes me wonder what will happen next. (Especially the most recent episode.) For another perspective on the show, check out the staff commentary where different cast members (actors, writers, directors, etc.) take turns commenting on the most recent episodes while they play on a different screen. I personally liked the commentary from HRG (Claire's dad).

The Office - The Office's cancellation is the biggest reason why I want the writer's strike to end. Must have new episodes. Pleeaaaase.

30 Rock - Tina Fey and co. have really hit their stride, just when everything is getting shut down. The show has really moved away from the whole "behind the scenes" perspective of a comedy production and is now focusing on the quirky characters that have already been established, namely Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin's brilliant characters. Tracy Morgan has slowly grown on me and Jane (whatever her last name is) has become possibly the most hilarious supporting actress on television. Please don't go 30 Rock! Also, check out Tina Fey's videos where she reads viewer's comments. They're hilarious.

Chuck - I really want to like this show. I like the actors, I like the concept, and I like the style. But for some reason, it all hasn't come together for me. The show continues to focus on the Chuck-Sarah relationship and I can understand the direction but the execution feels so tired and played out. It's like watching Lois and Clark all over again. Plus, I wish Chuck would be a little more manly sometimes.

ABC.com shows

Pushing Daisies - From the first episode I feared that Pushing Daisies would become either too gushy or lose it's "magical" aura. Thankfully, it's pulled off the near impossible and done neither. I credit the strong and diverse cast of characters for the show's balance and consistency. And did you see the bombshell at the end of the last episode? I can't wait to see what Chuck does. This is probably my favorite show on internets-television right now.

Samantho Who? - I've always been a fan of Christina Applegate so I took a gander at her newest show. It could've been called The Christina Applegate show: With Amnesia. I only saw a couple of shows and it's neither fantastic nor awful. Christina's better than this, but it's still halfway decent.


april said...

Ok, you busy bee, I wish you luck :)

Adam said...

Have you ever watched Lost? It's captivating and addictive.

I loved the first season of Heroes, but this season has blew it for me. All of the momentum and mythic wonder they built up in that first series went straight down the drain with two. It's sad. It's even worse that the strike put the show dead in its tracks and forced it to film an alternative ending to the season.

Sadie said...

Good luck on your test!

Heroes will be alright. I'm disappointed with this season, too, but I can't wait for tonight's episode.

Fletch said...

Paucity. Good word.

Matt said...

april - I need all the luck I can beg for.

adam - I fully intend to watch Lost but chances are I'll see it after enough seasons are on DVD. That's how I watched the first five seasons of 24 and it was spectacular.

sadie - The test was awful, but I ended up doing reasonably well. Thanks for the well wishes!

fletch - Unfortunately "paucity" was not on my test today. I would've aced that question.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

the only show i really watch is the office, and i'm with you. i hope the writers get what they deserve, but i don't know how long i can take an absence of the office

Anonymous said...



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