12:01: The Reality

You remember 12:01, right? The Jonathon Silverman vehicle of the early 90s that starred Silverman as an office worker who, through a fortunate accident, is the only person on the planet not caught in a time-loop that reboots everyday at 12:01am?

Even if you do remember that goofy, sci-fi flick, chances are you're unaware they're making a sequel -- but this time in reality. Dun dun dun!

Better watch all your favorite Jonathon Silverman movies before the world ends/gets caught in perpetual time-loops

According to an article in the New York Times, scientists from the European Center for Nuclear Research or CERN (which is most definitely an evil organization-sounding name if I've ever heard one) have spent 14 years and $8 billion dollars building the "Large Hadron Collider" (again, evil-sounding) which is designed to "recreate energies and conditions last seen a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang." Harmless enough, right?

But scientists like Walter Wagner and Luis Sancho are concerned that CERN hasn't taken the necessary safety precautions and believe the Large Hadron Collider could potentially produce a black hole. And not just the tiny kind that Stephen Hawking predicted would evaporate like a fart lit on fire, but a big, nasty one like a fart powered by cans and cans of refried beans and then lit on fire for all of eternity.

The scientist types are abuzz with black holes fears, but if I remember correctly the time-loop in 12:01 began with a similar experiment in particle collisions. Mmmmm.

So if in the future you notice that your day is repeating again and again 12:01 style, or you've been sucked into a nasty black hole, don't say I didn't warn you.

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Looking Ahead: Baby Mama Preview

Tina Fey is no doubt one of the rising stars in comedy, not unlike a female Judd Apatow. Every one of Ms. Fey's projects, from Weekend Update at SNL, to Mean Girls, to 30 Rock, has sparkled with her whip-smart take on the absurdities of every day life. Her latest project, Baby Mama, is due out April 25th and I have no problem admitting that I'm interested in the flick despite its estrogen-heavy premise. Fey, a single woman desperate for motherhood, recruits a childish, none-too-bright girl (Amy Poehler) to be her surrogate.

I couldn't find a movie poster so this'll have to do. Oh well.

Reuniting Tina Fey and Amy Poehler is a no-brainer recipe for a sharp, snarky film but I'm not sure if the premise will prove adequately substantive for this talented cast (which also features Greg Kinnear, Sigourney Weaver, Romany Malco, and Dax Shephard - remember him?). Writer/director Michael McCullers is an SNL veteran but that's not necessarily a good thing in a movie director as most SNL movies tend to suffer from skit-itis and feel like a five minute skit stretched out to 105.

If anyone can play a semi-retarded surrogate who can't operate a child-proofed toilet it's Amy Poeher. She's got charm for days, but very few people outside of Will Ferrell can play semi-retarded goofballs for an entire movie and not incur viewer's eternal hatred. It's going to take strong performances by both Fey, Kinnear, and others to balance out the gross-out antics of Poehler's woman-child.

Despite these questions, Baby Mama is the only way to get a Tina Fey fix outside of reruns so I predict it'll do reasonably well in the box office. Personally, I'm not sold enough on the film to risk the social stigma of actually watching Baby Mama in the theaters with a pair of fully functional testicles.

What do you guys think of Baby Mama?

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Vote Today! -- At The LAMB

The U.S. presidential elections aren't for a while, but that doesn't mean you can't get your vote on now.

I know I already used this picture but I still like looking at it

Over at The LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs), Suzanne Stone (To Die For) is fighting for her life against Zoe (Serenity). Help her kick some Firefly butt and give her your vote to send Suzanne into the second round to wreak her seductive brand of chaos.


The Spoon Prognosis: Healthy, Constipated

I'd like to calm any nervous readers out there: The Spoon is not on hiatus. However, The Spoon's chief operating station (ie: my computer) suffered through a medley of hiccups and coughs that took a couple of weeks to clear up. Everything has been successfully resolved and you can expect much more stuff to grace these virtual pages as I push out some creative backlog.

A podcast is in the works... but I probably shouldn't even be talking about it

One item to expect is an upcoming movie review which I've already begun podcasting about with my secret team. It's still early in development and I probably shouldn't even be talking about it, but I'm excited about the opportunity to branch out and touch you with my voice as well as my words.

Stay tuned.


Attack of the Femmes Fatales

Nick over at the LAMB page came up with a very interesting idea to pit cinematic femme fatales against each other in a single-elimination narrative battle style tournament. Each participant chooses a femme fatale from any movie and must explain why his/her siren would defeat the other. Obviously it's called "The Sirens of the LAMBS."

I'm participating, of course, so check back for an update when my femme fatale, Suzanne Stone Maretto from To Die For, takes on Zoe from Serenity. The rest of the competition is stiff as well and includes the likes of The Bride, Nikita, and Bonnie Parker among others.

The action will be hot, heavy, and most likely lethal. Check it out.


The Spoon... Podcast?

In my return to the basics ("Movies. Stuff. More Stuff.") I'm contemplating taking The Spoon onto some radiation waves some radio waves a podcast near you!

As part of that movement, I'll also be reintroducing non-Lost content back onto the site. I fully intend to complete my analysis of every major Lost character but I'll be interspersing it with other stuff. "What other stuff?" you may be asking yourself.

That's an excellent question.

My current vision for the site is to move towards shorter, more frequent posts about recent movies, classic movies, and, of course, Lost. I'll consider discussing other televisions shows but only if they feature time-warping islands and smoke monsters. The Spoon will continue to be gossip free and tuna safe.

I realize my vision is pretty hazy and that's partially intentional; I'm still figuring out what I'm going to do. The how of it is also something I'd like to bring up.

You may notice a new widget to the right of this post. I set up a small donation fund for The Spoon as a way of paying for tickets and other stuff (microphones, adapters, etc.) that will allow me to keep doing what I love: discussing movies and making a fool of myself.

Leave a comment if you have any ides or suggestions for the site and my possible podcast. Or you can email me at my brand new address inthespoon@gmail.com.