Lost Character Analysis Part 4

My mega Lost character analysis series continues today with Desmond Hume, but before I begin I’d like to make a few observations about Season 4’s Confirmed Dead episode. Expect spoilers so run over to ABC.com to watch the most recent episodes if you don’t want me to ruin your fun.

The second episode of the fourth season, Confirmed Dead, focused heavily on the introduction of four new characters and we’ve already been given brief glimpses of their recent pasts. If these characters were simply more castaways then I would question their addition but these four provide an entirely new slant on the same mysteries (Dharma Initiative, Ben Linus, polar bears) that we’ve already been pondering. And who’s that black dude working for Oceanic? I wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley but I’d sure like to ask him some questions. Obviously Oceanic knows more about the situation then they’re letting on.

According to Wikipedia the next several episodes will return focusing on our original Losties so Confirmed Dead brought us up to speed on the new guys and now we can take off running. My main complaint with the episode was that not a lot happened, but that’s an understandable obstacle when four new bodies have to be introduced and fleshed out.

"Do you have a wee bit o' toilet paper, brother? I got a 'fighter.'"

Desmond Hume – Speaking of Season Four, what the hell happened to Desmond? As far as I can tell he isn’t with Sayid and Jack’s bunch (though Wikipedia says that he is) and I don’t remember seeing him with Locke’s posse either. He’s something of a wildcard and that’s really been the case since the beginning.

Desmond was introduced in the topsy-turvy first episodes of season two as the man who continuously saved the world by entering the same sequence of numbers every 108 minutes. When his world-saving device was shot up he bolted and didn’t reappear until his sailboat returned as if he were sailing in a “snowglobe.”

If all that weren’t enough, Desmond appears to be clairvoyant since initiating the hatch’s fail safe mechanism. He helped Charlie avoid his death a number of times before helping him sacrifice himself to bring what they believed was a rescue attempt.

Desmond has received much less air-time than the other main Losties (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, etc.) but he’s proven to be no less important to their continued chances for survival. His history with his long-suffering girlfriend Penelope, who apparently will stop at nothing at finding him, as well as his connection with a number of other island folk (Libby) makes him feel like something of a plot device. A potential ace in the hole to bail writers out of jams and keep plots moving.

I do believe the writers have a far-reaching goal for Lost, but it doesn’t hurt having a guy who can “know” things he shouldn’t when you’re trying to handle as many loose threads as Lost tosses around.

I have absolutely no evidence to back me up on this, but Desmond is the type of character I would predict is inside that coffin in Jack’s flash forward. Desmond is somewhat removed from everyone and because of his clairvoyance he is always in a position to take incredible momentous actions and divide everyone’s feelings towards him. Of course, a ton of other people fit this role as well but Desmond isn’t the first person you’d think of which makes him the first person I do think of.

Biggest Questions: Where is he? What else does he know that he isn’t telling anybody? Will he ever reunite with Penelope? Will he be in the coffin and make me sound like a genius? Please?


My (noncomprehensive) Bucket List

I don’t usually write memes, much less memes about my own death, but I’ll make an exception at my blogging buddy Sarah’s request. This time.

I’m supposed to come up with a list of activities I’d like to do before I “kick the bucket” aka die a grisly death. I assume that’s what it means because I never actually saw The Bucket List. I’m planning to watch The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby first to get in the mood.

Me being me, I decided to change the rules. Instead of just writing about any old thing to do before croaking, I’m going to compose my list entirely of activities ripped out of movies. This is a movie-based blog after all and I should also note that I’m ignoring the laws of physics, good taste, and proper etiquette.

On to my (noncomprehensive) Bucket List:

Sweet Ride

- Ride a hover board (Back to the Future Part 2)
Michael J. Fox stole a pink board from a little girl in the future and ever since I saw that I too have wanted to steal a pink hover board from a little girl in the future.

- Eat colorful gruel (Hook)
Food that colorful has to taste good. But does it give a growing boy all the minerals and vitamins he needs? Will it prevent any scurvy relapses?

"Nice to meet you Elsa, but I have a man-date with Matt"

- Visit Venice with Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)
I’m not proposing to take Dr. Elda Schneider’s place but I wouldn’t mind going on a pleasant man-date with Indy. I also wouldn’t be opposed to a gondola ride afterwards.

- Drape myself in velvet for one day (Seinfield)
I don’t particularly care for velvet but there must be a good reason why George Costanza wanted to wear it all day every day.

- Knock up Katherine Heigl and force her to marry me (Knocked Up)
Getting Katherine Hiegle to marry me does seem a bit far-fetched but it’s all part of my plan. If Katherine doesn’t work out then I would also accept Salma Hayek (Fools Rush In).

Consider yourself tagged if you want to write a movie-based Bucket List. But keep your mitts of Katherine and Salma – they’re both mine.


The LAMB Devours the Oscars

Check out some excellent previews of the upcoming Academy Awards over at the Large Association of Movie Blogs (LAMB). Each awards category (every stinkin' one!) has been covered by a LAMB member and the latest entry was written by yours truly.

I promise you won't not not be not loving it!

*Image used without permission from Large Ass. of Movie Blogs. I dare them to punish me.


Lost Character Analysis Part 3

My Lost character breakdown continues with Sawyer. The fourth season has already begun so let’s get this baby crackin’. (Also check out Parts 1, and Parts 2)

With the exception of these lenses, Sawyer gets my vote for
"best dressed on a deserted island"

James “Sawyer” Ford – Sawyer emerged early in the first season as the most naturally multi-faceted character on the island (with the possible exception of Locke), and a surprisingly likeable guy. For while Kate and Jack struggled with the consequences of crimes of passion and a lifetime of overbearing parenting, Sawyer’s hurts were at once more painful and more complex and how can you not root for the kid whose parents murdered/suicide-d each other?

Sawyer’s first major episode, Confidence Man, ranks among my favorites in the entire series. From the very first episodes the writers spent a considerable amount of time building up the mysterious back-stories of characters like Kate, Jack, and Locke. Sawyer seemed like a central character but he also seemed far more one-dimensional compared to his fellow Losties; he was obviously a con-man through and through. So when Confidence Man revealed exactly how Sawyer found himself on that road the effect was both unexpected and powerful. Josh Holloway also deserves major props for making Sawyer a bonafide a-hole and cocky bastard and still effectively communicate a(n) (occasionally) tender heart hidden underneath the slick exterior. I suppose he’s also kind of hunky if you’re into grizzled sneers and a well-defined rectus abdominis.

Season 2 and 3 kept Sawyer playing mostly to his character strengths as the bad boy dealing in quips and behind-the-scenes manipulation. His fighting exhibition while captive by the Others was a nice reminder that he had some bite behind his bark. I don’t think he belongs with Kate (they’re both too self-absorbed), but they’re chemistry as prisoners in captivity was undeniable.

Since returning to the camp Sawyer has acted a bit too much like a cat that’s been de-clawed. He gets manipulated by Hurley into acting nice and he spends his days playing ping-pong. I like seeing his softer side, but with the exception of his murder of Locke’s father – the man who conned his parents into death – Sawyer has effectively receded into the background.

In the first episode of Season 4 we saw Sawyer join up with Locke. We also heard Hurley say that following Locke was a mistake. It’s pretty difficult to figure out the specifics of that statement at this point, but since Hurley made it off the island with Jack and Kate then conceivably Sawyer could also be part of the “Oceanic Six.”

Biggest Questions: Did Sawyer make it off the island? Will he keep “surviving?” Did he knock up Kate? Will he end up with her? Will we ever get to see a flashback to a time when Sawyer paid for sex?
[To be continued]