Getting lost in Lost

Possible alternate title: Confused

Let's see, my application for Columbia is due in less than 48 hours which gives me almost enough time to watch the rest of Lost if I don't sleep, eat, or forgo my urine bucket.

Rest assured I'll eventually finish my application (two down already, three more to go), but I'm still blasting through Lost episodes faster than Britney Spears' child custody lawyer can say "I quit."

I just finished the 11th episode of Lost and here are a few of my observations on the series so far. Feel free to agree, disagree, or call me stupid -- just don't spoil anything for me. It should go without saying that I'll be spoiling things for anybody who hasn't watched the show.


-According to IMDB, Matthew Fox was born in Pennsylvania but doesn't his accent sound Canadian at times? This is one of my biggest peeves of the show because nobody can be a leader sounding like a Canuck, much less organize and rally the survivors of an airplane crash on a remote tropical paradise while talking like a Bob and Doug McKenzie skit (that's right, I went there).

-My favorite characters in no particular order: Hurley, because he pulls off the stereotypical funny large man very well. Locke, because he has the kind of cool vertical eye-scar that plastic surgery just can't provide. Sawyer, for his backstory that was by far the most interesting, partly because I didn't know anything about it and partly because he has a bonafide personality that is complex without relying on Matthew Fox's constant wild-eyed craziness to emote "passion."

-In the last episode, All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues, Jack and co. failed to rescue Claire but managed to save Charlie's life after he was hung from a tree. Call me crazy, but why would anyone try to stop a doctor from saving somebody's life? I realize it's improbable to resuscitate somebody after they've been hung for who knows how long, but what do you have to lose by trying? Absolutely friggin' nothing. *Cry* *Cry* "Stop trying to save Charlie's life Jack. It's making me too sad. *Cry* *Cry* -- In the words of a large black woman, "Woman, please."

-Watching Jin act like a doting suitor to Sun in their flashback episode was difficult. That dude just looks mean.

-Who's the most attractive Lost castaway? First of all, this could be a post in and of itself, and maybe I'll do that once I see the cast size increase (I know about the "Others"). The obvious choice would be Shannon since she's blonde and hot, but I'd have to throw Claire and Sun up there too for their Australian charm and appealing submissiveness (just kidding, kind of), respectively. I'll leave the male castaway comparisons to any female (or curious male) readers out there.

Is Claire the hottest Lost castaway? Excuse me while I consult with my crotch

-Favorite Episode? It's hard not to cheat and just pick the two part Pilot, but I'm going with Claire's flashback episode, Raised by Another. I didn't necessarily like her dream terrors, but the deal with the psychic was otherworldly in a manner that meshed with the creeping supernaturalism at Lost's core. But the real reason I liked that episode was for the final few minutes when Hurley announces that Ethan wasn't on the flight manifest. That was one damn good bombshell.

Somebody made a figurine of Shannon. Apparently I'm not the only one with messed up priorities

Okay, I'm off to watch another episode before hitting the sack and getting back on that Columbia application. Did you know Matthew Fox graduated from Columbia University? I'm no psychic but that seems like a pretty good omen.

Catch you all later.


Sheamus the... said...

Ha...my favorite action figure is the one of Charlie.

Sarah said...

Also loved Hurley's line - Ethan wasn't on the plane! den den den Ahhhh almost peed myself ahhhhhh!

Hottest guy....hmmm love me some Terry O'Quinn and all his mean/strange/cool/WTF behavior.

Fletch said...

I don't know what you're talking aboot. I don't think Matt Fox sounds Canuckian.

Ethan creeps the hell out me. There's even a maintenance guy at the movie theater we go to all the time that kinda looks like Ethan, and he creeps me out, too.

Memories...that first season was friggin' awesome. I SO LIKE TOTALLY (and stuff) want to spoil things for you, but I won't.

It's hard not to love Hurley. As for most attractive (female edition), I have to go with Kate. She's hard to top.

Sadie said...

Quite clearly, Sawyer is the hottest. No question.

But Locke is my favorite character. There is much to come in his backstory-- you've only seen one so far, right?

Enjoy! I'm kinda jealous of you getting to see it all for the first time. I might go home and pull out the DVDs...

Adam said...

Claire is hot - but I love Penelope... I don't guess you've met her yet, but trust me - the show keeps getting better and better, and deeper and deeper.

Mike Spoodles said...

You have a hell of a lot of good stuff coming, Matt! I hope your crotch confirmed that Claire is the hottest, because it's the truth by far.

mikemachacon said...

Lost ges better with every episode. if you think things are confusing now, wait till you get to the last episode of season 3.

anyway, favorite characters to date are Jack, Charlie, Desmond, Juliet and Benjamin.

Matt said...

sheamus - Instead of a GI Joe Kung Fu Grip, Charlie's figure could snort heroin.

sarah - So I'm almost finished with the second season and I like how Locke has become a troubled guy. Something about his zen-buddhist-tao-pacifism behavior during the first season bothered me.

fletch - To hear Matthew Fox's accent and then harp on it, you have to be incredibly sensitive to funky accents and also somewhat hateful. Fortunately I have both these qualities.

By the way, I like Kate but she has more muscles than I do. Her arms are like ripply cords of twine. Twine with big friggin muscles.

sadie - Sawyer might be my favorite character at this point. His backstory is great, and he also has the best sense of humor besides Hurley. I'm thinking of writing a character rating system for all the Lost characters and how much I like their story arcs through the second season.(I'm almost finished with Season 2).

Adam - Penelope huh? Almost to season three but I haven't heard of her yet. Libby was kind of cute in a weird, botox injection gone wrong kind of way. It sucks that she died. I'm hoping to see some more about her time at the funny farm.

Mike - Thanks to downloadable content and my iPhone, I'm ripping through those episodes like a sharp thing through a soft thing. And my crotch concurs with you.

mikemachacon - Thanks for stopping by mike! I'm not familiar with all those names so I'm already intrigued. Darn you teases!

mikemachacon said...

hey matt! now that you've finished all three seasons, i'd like to officially welcome you to the lost on LOST brigade. haha. =o)

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I have seen the series and my favorite one is Hurley. I got excited to see his performance as he has performed so well that I actually got lost when I watch him.

Lorraine said...

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