More Hot Movie Awards
True Story: A friend once said I look like Matthew McConaughey.
Not True Story: Money was not exchanged.

What? - you thought I was finished with my hot movie reviews? Oh no you di'int. Here are some more Hot Movie Awards I had baking in the oven.

[Cue Drumroll]

Winner of the “Movie that convinces me – once again – to never mess with Anthony Hopkins” award.


Winner of the “Movie that best teaches young children why you should never, ever run with scissors” award.

Mr. Brooks

Winner of the “Funniest British comedy of the year starring the exact same cast as Sean of the Dead” award.

Hot Fuzz

Winner of the “Best lapdance involving a one-legged stripper with a wooden peg leg and Quentin Tarentino’s viscous naughty bits” award.


Winner of the “Hey that’s a cast member of the Office not named Steve Carell!” award.

Blades of Glory

Winner of the “Movie that somehow manages to show two hours of shooting (duh) and violence without any of it being disturbing until the final two minutes” award.


Winner of the “Movie you should never go to see at 1am in an empty theater except for one creepy dude sitting DIRECTLY BEHIND YOU” award. Trust me on this one.


Winner of the “Best use of nipples in a whale explosion scene” award.

Reno 911!:Miami

Winner of the “Movie that inexplicably shows Nicky Cage in such ripply good shape that you suddenly feel like Charlie Kaufman in Adaptation” award.

Ghost Rider