Heroes Season 2 Premiere: Questions

I fell off the Heroes bandwagon midway through the first season, not because I grew bored with the series but because I am better at sprouting wings and flying than adhering to a strict television schedule. So I skipped ahead to the first episode of the second season and naturally I have a few questions.

(It should go without saying that I can and will spoil plot developments.)

Question number 1: What happened to Sylar?

Last I saw, Sylar had broken out of his paper building prison and seemed likely to confront Peter Petrelli. Based on previews of a sunbathing Sylar and a few comments in Monday’s premier, I gather that Sylar is now “dead.” I use quotations because I find that highly unlikely. Much more likely is that he suffered some kind of defeat and now he is licking his wounds before making an “unexpected” return partway through the second season.

Question number 2: What happened to Peter Petrelli?

Last year Peter was learning to control other Heroes’ powers (and failing at it). His lack of control was somehow turning him into a bomb; very likely the same bomb that Isaac foresaw blowing up New York. Obviously New York is still around so Peter didn’t destroy my future city of residence (in less than 2 weeks!) but he did manage to lose his memory and clothes in addition to getting himself shipped to Ireland in an empty crate. Peter also has some kind of projectile attack now, which is good for him. I always thought videogame fighters who didn’t have projectile attacks were severely disadvantaged.

Question number 3: How and why did Claire and her family successfully move to California?

Quick aside: Claire’s dad’s observation of the tall, hot girl at Claire’s new school was hi-larious. I hope to see more of that humor. And here I thought the Haitian had ripped out Claire's father’s memories to help her escape but now it looks like Claire’s father knows what’s going on and is now actively trying to bring down his old employers. I could be wrong about that, but why else is he hiding? I also predict that Claire’s regenerative powers and her new friend’s flying ability will be revealed to the public very soon.

Question number 4: Who is Matt’s new friend? And who is she afraid of?

Apparently Matt, Mohinder, and Claire’s Dad are all in cahoots in an anti-anti-Heroes campaign. Matt’s new adopted child seems part of this arrangement, if not for any inherent powers (I didn’t notice any) but for her connection to a powerful new enemy. Or is it just Sylar again, reshaped in some new way?

Question number 5: Who is the new Mexican girl and what is her power?

She kills people dead and that’s a pretty cool skill. I predict more killings in the future.

Question number 6: Where are all the other Heroes?

I liked being able to focus on just a few Heroes in Monday’s premiere. But what about all the others? I figure some of them had to die off, but is the show now going to alternate storylines? Stretching plots out like that would seem like a risky proposition. As with all my other questions I guess I’ll have to watch next week to find some answers.

Unless you have some answers for me? Hint. Hint.


Kristen said...

You actually know the answer to number 4 -- the first part, anyway -- if you watched early season 1. Matt's new kid is Molly, the girl he found hiding from Sylar inside a wall back when he first started using his powers. Actually, she and Micah had a moment of truly smoldering sexual tension in the first-season finale. (Just kidding. But they did have a cute bonding moment and I'd be willing to bet they hook up.)

ian said...

I just watched it and I'm still geeking out about it. :)


april said...

Ok I just skiped this post, because there might be spoilers.

Mike Spoodles said...

Oho! I actually have input into this topic!

Question number 1: What happened to Sylar?

Sylar did, indeed, confront Peter. Sylar believed that he was the "bomb" prophesized to blow up New York, and Peter believed that he was the bomb. Long story (slightly) short, in the first season finale, pretty much all of the main characters crossed paths in a final confrontation of sorts. Hiro stabbed Sylar, leaving him for dead. The end of the episode showed a blood stain leading down into a manhole--either Sylar made his way down there or he was dragged. Either way, he's most assuredly alive.

Question number 2: What happened to Peter Petrelli?

Peter's brother came just as he was about to blow up New York. They flew into the stratusphere. I believe we saw the bomb go off. Whatever happened after that will probably be explained at some point this season. Peter picks up powers from anyone he comes in contact with, and I'm guessing that he got the telekenesis force-ball thing from Sylar.

Question number 3: How and why did Claire and her family successfully move to California?

Last we saw them, they were sitting in a square in New York City. The only memory Claire's dad had lost was the actual act of sending his daughter away. Upon their reunion, she explained as much to him. No idea yet how they found their way to California, but you're right--it was funny and probably my favorite part of the premiere.

Question number 4: Who is Matt’s new friend? And who is she afraid of?

She's the little girl Matt saved in the second episode. Turns out that she has a power--she's a living, breathing "tracking device" that can explain where any hero is at any time. The coolest moment of last season's finale was her mention of "the boogeyman," who is apparently much worse than Sylar.

Question number 5: Who is the new Mexican girl and what is her power?

No clue. Maybe she has a virulent strain of the disease Mohinder mentioned at the beginning--a strain which apparently affects humans. What is her brother's power? If they are in close contact, does he counteract her contagion? He seemed pretty vehement on being near her at all times.

Question number 6: Where are all the other Heroes?

From what I remember, we hit everybody except Nikki/Jessica, DL, and Mica. DL was injured and possibly dying in the finale. Previews look like we'll see Nikki next week.

The following people died, and you may have missed it--Isaac (the painter), Simone (Peter's lady), Simone's dad (who introduced some major backstory at the end of last season).

Mike Spoodles said...

Oh, and also the mysterious Linderman got killed. DL yanked out his brain.

My biggest unanswered question is actually what happened to Nathan. He had just won the election at the end of the finale. Over that four months, did he decline the victory? Or was he run from office for his behavior after Peter's "death?"

Matt said...

kristen - Oh yeah, I had forgotten about her. Mmm, and she's involved in kiddie porn. Heroes must be desperate for ratings.

ian - There's a lot going on all right.

april - Fair enough. Don't read mike's comments then.

mike - THANK YOU! You cleared up everything for me and now I can watch the next episode with a much better understanding of what the hell is going on. I'm also pretty psyched about this boogeyman character.

I agree that Nathan looked pretty messed up and I got the impression that he not only blames himself for what happened to Peter (whatever that may be) but that his spiral into drinking/depression may be his own choice. I guess I wouldn't want him to be my elected representative either.

Sadie said...

Where did you jump off the train? If you saw the Haitian remove HRG's memories you got pretty far. You could catch up pretty fast.

Mike really answered everything for you, but I'll just say a few things:

As far as what happened to Sylar, we aren't supposed to think he's dead, I thought, just powerless. Which I doubt.

It has not been explained what happened after Peter and Nathan flew together into the sky and Peter "exploded." Apparently, though, Nathan returned fine (though depressed and now a scraggly drunk) and Peter is missing and presumed dead.

Molly (the little girl with Matt) was also in the season finale (and maybe the episode before that) she was being held by the Company, and her power is that she can tell you where ANYONE is. Just tell her someone to think about and she can tell you where they are located. The Company was using her to find the Heroes. The guy she's afraid of? The boogeyman? I think he's the Season 2 mystery.

As for the new brother/sister team: I know from the Ent. Weekly article their powers work in tandem, but I'm not sure how or why or what exactly it is.

Claire and her family are hiding from the remaining members of the Company, trying to keep Claire safe b/c she is a Hero and keeping her dad safe because he betrayed them.

Matt said...

sadie - Thanks for the roundup! I missed several episodes near the middle-endish of last season but I did watch snippets here and there. I'm usually pretty good at interpolating events so I made a few guesses.

I was trying to figure out if Hiro is going to replace Kensei or if maybe Kensei is going to return to the future with the English samurai. I'm guessing his ability to speak English has another purpose than to make their conversations easier to follow.

Matt said...

Err, I think Hiro and Kensei might return to the future together. Not Kensei and Kensei, unless Hiro becomes Kensei and his samurai friend becomes Sark.

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