Quick Movie Review - Resident Evil: Extinction

Every couple of years a new Resident Evil movie comes out and every couple of years I go see it, only to forget what the heck happened five seconds into my post-cinema urination. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the ultra-light, ultra-action-packed earlier films and I also enjoyed Resident Evil: Extinction, the third and latest installment in the franchise, but that still didn't stop me from forgetting everything I saw by the time my hand reached for my zipper.

Everything looks cooler -- and meaner -- in Japanese

Milla Jovovich returns as Alice, the superhuman defender of – hell, who am I kidding? It doesn’t matter who Milla is or what she wants, her entire purpose is to look good and kick ass and she does both quite well. If anything, I wish she could have kicked more ass. If it’s the third episode of a trilogy and I can’t remember what happened in either of the first two films then I know I can expect more violence than a Hayden Panettiere interview – Zing!

Extinction is loosely based on the Resident Evil video game franchise, but I’m pretty sure none of the games featured a ragtag group of humans struggling through a post-apocalyptic world. Still, fans of the series will recognize the creepy bloodhounds, zombies, and a certain bad guy that is big, pulsating, and almost impossible to kill.

The latest Resident Evil film also has its fair share of special effects. Explosions, mutant crows, and gun shootouts are all here, but the special effect that stood out the most was Milla Jovovich's face. Milla’s face practically glowed throughout the film and I later learned that she and Extinction writer Paul W.S. Anderson (no relation to either Paul Thomas Anderson or Wes Anderson) are an item and expecting their first child. I can tell you her pregnancy didn’t interfere with her ability to kick ass, but was it responsible for her glow brite face? You’ll have to tell me your opinion.

"I am a pregnant woman. Now get me some Cheetos."

If you’re down for Milla-mania, zombies, and ass kickings check out Resident Evil: Extinction, but whatever you do, stay out of Hayden Panettiere's way.


Caitlin said...

Also - that weird outfit Milla wears in the movie? Her clothing line, Jovovich Hawk, did a lot of the costuming for the movie.

The costumes just scream "Derelicte" to me. I don't think I should be having Zoolander flashbacks during a zombie movie, b ut that' sjust me.

SQT said...

I still haven't sat all the way through one of these. I like watching people kick ass though, so I'll have to put it on the Netflix.

april said...

Only if this one kicks a lot more ass than the other two will I watch this one in the theater.
If not I'll just wait to watch the dvd on my 32in screen.

Matt said...

caitlin - Derelicte sounds about right to me. I think I'd feel a bit exposed with my butt chaps out like Milla but I guess that's just me. Zoolander flashbacks are always appropriate by the way.

sqt - It's pure popcorn fare. I think I liked the first one the most though.

april - This one isn't much better or worse than the first two movies. 32 inches huh? Is that the size of your computer monitor or television screen?

April said...

My tv screen (I'm proud of the new tv I bought, so I was sort of trying to brag).

Anonymous said...


movie forums said...

I am excited for this movie after reading your review. I have seen the latest one but I missed this original version.