And Our Favorite Clue Character is...

The Spoon's first poll is over and the results are in... And it's a tie!

Miss Scarlett
ties Mr. Green as the readers' favorite Clue characters.

Congratulations to co-winner Miss Scarlett

The strong leader for most of the week, Mr. Green saw his winning margin suddenly disappear in the poll's final hours. Between approximately 12:00pm and 4:00pm on Thursday, July 26th Miss Scarlett's votes spiked by nearly 100%. When asked about the fortuitous outcome Miss Scarlett credited her "killer sense of luck" while kissing her personal good luck charm shaped like a 3 foot metal rod.

Amid cries of foul play by those in Mr. Green's camp, an impartial third party has begun investigating the voting process for signs of possible wrongdoing. Early findings have been inconclusive and the lead investigator has chosen to hold onto his cards before filing any accusations.

Mr. Green could not be reached for comment.