Look Ma, I'm Psychic!
A Theoretical Look at Heroes
During Sunday’s episode of Heroes, I kept rubbing my hands the same way Dr. Evil strokes Mr. Bigglesworth. I couldn't help it; Heroes was finally delivering on all it's intrigue and set-ups and it was pretty darn glorious. And the best part of the episode (and the series in general) is how perfectly it lends itself to my favorite pastime of theorizing.

*******This is a big fat Spoiler alert. I'm going to talk about all things Heroes here so if you don't want anything spoiled, go read about Kitlers.*******

I'm terrible with character names and I bet you are too, so I'm going to give each character their own nickname for easier future reference.

Nickname ------------------Character description
Smooth Operator The police cop turned FBI agent who can read people's minds and pleasure his wife like no other.
Flyboy The male nurse turned idealistic super-hero-wannabe who can probably fly.
Flying Clinton Flyboy's older brother and kind of sleazy senatorial candidate (requisite joke warning: sleazy senator=redundant?). He can fly too.
Hot Tamale An internet stripper with an alternate bad-ass personality.
Hiro The dorky yet loveable Japanese dude who can bend time and space.
Peppy He's the tortured artist who can draw the future, but only when he's high (like we haven't heard that one before).
Pretty Betty The invulnerable cheerleader who can rapidly heal herself of any wound - even death. She's also underaged and hot.
Creepy McCreep Pretty Betty's step-dad and so far a likely candidate for supreme bad guy. No known powers... yet.
Black Dude Creepy McCreep's right hand man. At the very least, he seems able to erase people's memories and inspire bowel leakage (from terror, not... something else).
Doc The Indian Doctor who has travelled to NY to find the "heroes" that were the subject of his father's research and the likely cause of his early death.

Theory #1:
Flyboy will become the leader of the Heroes

Remember how the Terminator was sent back in time to warn and protect John Conner since he was the future leader of the human race? I think the exact same thing happened when the future Hiro traveled back in time to give instructions to Flyboy. Of all the “Heroes” Flyboy seems to be most eager to explore his powers and his background in saving lives makes him a likely leader choice (and Hiro is eliminated because he can’t speak fluent English yet). This is mostly a hunch, but a leader is needed and he’s the closest thing to a main character that this show has.

Theory #2:
Creepy McCreep has special powers too

We’ve already seen McCreep act threateningly towards his daughter Pretty Betty, kidnap and question the Smooth Operator, and most likely he killed the Doc’s father. However, we haven’t learned all that much about him. In my mind this means he’s got more secrets. He’s either got a super power we haven’t seen yet, possibly so big time that it isn’t easily used (like blowing stuff up? – aka the foretold explosion in NY) or else he’s simply a middle man to a more evil super boss. This could potentially set up McCreep to die in some manner in which he expresses regret at his evil ways but during this time the true evil mastermind is revealed. I’m keeping my eyes open on this one.

Theory #3:
Hiro’s friend will also discover special powers or die (maybe both).

We’ve already seen how Hiro and his friend are both in Peppy’s comics that show the future. But if Hiro’s friend is going to stick around he’s got to put up or shut up. He’ll either discover he has some new odd but probably surprisingly powerful ability (like turn invisible) or else die. I’m leaning towards death. There’s a tv rule that Death = Great Drama and who else is going to die? That’s right, Hiro’s friend is the only clear candidate.

Theory #4:
Flying Clinton will join the Anti-Heroes

Good guys fight bad guys right? So where are the bad guys? Yes there’s Creepy McCreep and the Black Dude (and we’ve also got Hot Tamale’s husband, more on him later), but there’s got to be more. There would be a certain amount of cosmic irony (or predictable tv plotting) if Flying Clinton and Flyboy end up on opposite sides of the battlefield. We know that Flyboy is practically Ghandi with more bangs and Flying Clinton not only is a politician (strike 1), but he’s had an affair (strike 2), and he’s willingly accepting a bribe from his blackmailers (strike 3). He’s shown an opportunistic nature and the bad guys are going to give him an opportunity he can’t refuse.

Theory #5:
Hot Tamale’s ex-hubby is a bad guy

Next week’s preview show’s Hot Tamale’s hubby walking through walls ala Kitty Pryde (from the X-men). If he’s got powers he’s either a good guy or a bad guy and I’m betting he’s a bad guy. Simple as that.

Theory #6:
Flying Clinton's blackmailer/benefactor is with the Anti-Heroes

Whoever is blackmailing Flying Clinton is not a good guy, therefore he's a bad guy. Who else is a bad guy on the show? Mmm, Creepy McCreep. I therefore predict that Flying Clinton is being backed by the bad guys and will in turn join them.

I’m all theoried out at the moment, but please leave your own thoughts and theories. Between all of us, we’ll share the satisfaction of knowing what’s going to happen before it happens, kind of like Peppy the crazy painter.


Anonymous said...

I think Flyboy can do whatever those Heroes around him can do. That's why he can see the future and finish Peppy's painting. He absorbs other people's powers or something.

I love this show.

Matt said...

That's an excellent point. Flyboy was also able to predict his future flight after he met with Peppy the future-painter. I wonder if he can only use the power he most recently encountered though since he couldn't fly after that (until he was with his brother Flying Clinton). This makes him a lot like Rogue from the X-men minus the southern accent and other womanly attributes.

Sadie said...

Heh. My husband kept saying that he was like Rogue, too.

I guess when he finally meets up with the cheerleader he'll heal himself or something.

Anonymous said...