My ESP Loses
If you'll recall, I used my ESP powers to predict what would happen in today's episode of The Office. Let's recap my losses.

1. Prediction: Jim and Pam talk on the phone. - Correct!
Yes, this was predicted based on a preview of them talking on the phone. Even Einstein had bad news, I'm sure.

2. Prediction: Jim's relationship with karen will take another step - Correct!
Not only did Jim and Karen have several moments together while fighting over a chair, they also ganged up on their crazy co-worker. I like Pam and I think she and Jim are perfectly matched, but Karen is pretty darn cute and I'd like to see some more sexual tension develop between them (Jim and Karen).

3. Prediction: Dwight will have a fight with Angela - Wrong!
While Dwight and Angela didn't fight with each other, they both managed to yell at other office mates. Dwight tricked Ryan into working on his beet farm while verbally berating him and Angela called Kelly a psycho after she put Dwight down. So I'm taking this one as a moral victory.

4. Prediction: Kelly will humiliate Ryan - Wrong!
Technically I'm wrong, but I think I'm correct in spirit. As I mentioned earlier, Dwight does humiliate Ryan on his farm so... yeah I'm still wrong.

5. Prediction: Dwight will eat dirt on his beet farm - Wrong!
This didn't happen, but did you see Dwight's cousin's beard? I tried growing a goatee a few weeks ago and that was a trying experience. I can't imagine what it's like facing people with a red neckbeard. Well, it's questionable if it was red, but it was unquestionably butt-ugly.

That's 2/5 or 40 percent correct. If I were a baseball player, I'd be making more than A-Rod with that average.