The Office
Episode airing on 10/12/06 (because I don't know the name, okay)

Today's episode centered around the grief that Michael Scott (Stevel Carell) felt when his old boss died and all of his many attempts to share his grief with his co-workers. As he told the camera (and I'm paraphrasing here):

"There are five stages of grief and right now everyone is in denial, which is the first stage. The last stage is acceptance and before that is depression. So my goal today is to get everyone into acceptance with their grief, but if we can't do that, then I at least want to get them all depressed."


Highlights also include Dwight and Michael's attempts to design a robot memorial for the deceased. However, Dwight decides it should be a 2/3 life-sized robot "in case it turns on us."

Regular viewers of The Office know that Jim Halpert has taken up residence at a separate branch of Dunder-Mifflin where his own story continues. His new co-workers range from the Cornell-educated crazy careerist Andy to the cute but competitive Karen. Last week's episode showed Karen and Jim having a moment and that little spark got a lot of fuel in this week's episode. Jim is asked to help Karen fix up some mistakes in her work. Despite her annoyance at this, Jim helps her hunt down her favorite snack and they get along with borderline coyness/flirtation. There is a definite possiblity of romance here.

Meanwhile, the other half of the Jim/Pam romance (that would be Pam), is again being wooed by her ex-fiance Roy. There doesn't seem to be too much behind it yet, but the seeds exist for a rekindling (cool, mixed metaphors).

Another great episode from the Office and I foresee some potential love connections developing. All the pieces are in place for possible relationships between Pam and Jim, or Jim and Karen, or even Pam and Roy. Keep watching or check back here for my own take on upcoming episodes.