Quick Superbad Review

I read somewhere (Ed. note: not Cosmo) that women decide if they’re going to make sexy time with a guy within the first fifteen minutes of a date. I’ve yet to confirm this rumor since none of my dates last longer than ten bucks, but I think the same concept can be applied to Superbad.

In case you haven’t heard, Superbad is the newest movie from the comedic imaginings of Seth Rogen (The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up), Evan Goldberg (Knocked Up), and Judd Apatow (many, many projects) and it’s been a long time in the coming. A long, loooong time in the coming. Let me put it this way, when I first heard about Superbad I could still sing as a soprano. So like, since February.

Anyhoo, after so many months of seeing dick penis crotch Mr. Happy previews and clips of high school nerdishness, you probably have a pretty good idea whether you want to see Superbad or not. I’d say trust your instincts on this one. If you liked Knocked Up, you’ll like Superbad. If you have a penis, you’ll probably like Superbad. If you liked The Notebook you probably won’t like Superbad - or have a penis.

Penis spoilers

Those of you who choose to see Superbad will be treated to a crude teenage comedy that’s genuinely funny and, at times, heartfelt. It’s not as polished as Knocked Up (I never thought I’d ever write that), but Superbad manages to mine plenty of laughs from the fertile grounds of teenage adolescence. The best moments in the film come from those experiences we all faced growing up: the accidental boob grab, awkward conversations with the opposite sex, and singing exhibitions for coked out drug fiends.

For those who decide to pass on Superbad, I suggest popping The Notebook into the DVD player so you can tell me what happens. I was going to watch it, but after fifteen minutes it just wasn’t sexy enough for me.


Sarah said...

So I think I am one of the only females on the planet who has not yet seen The Notebook...anyway that clip sort of made me want to see SuperBad. That clip was waaayy funnier than the previews on TV!

Sadie said...

Okay, then, but I liked The Notebook AND Knocked Up and I thought 40 Year Old Virgin is the FUNNIEST MOVIE EVER. But I don't have a penis.

I can't wait to see Superbad.

Leigh said...

I'm not sure if I want to see Superbad, but I think I do; yes, I've seen The Notebook and loved it; most of all, I'm just sitting here laughing because you're hysterical! LOL

Diesel said...

Haven't seen Knocked Up yet. I like the cast and pretty much everybody involved in this though. I'll probably get it on Netflix.

April said...

I watched The Notebook and was bored by it (but my dad ended up liking it after he saw the dvd features, and he usually dislikes sappy movies).

"Knocked Up" and "Superbad" look somewhat boring to me, but there have been too many times where I was wrong about a movie being boring or not my cup of tea (like recently "The Departed", that was a good movie).
Since you found "The Notebook" boring, your judgment might be good enough , so I shall rent "Superbad" when its on dvd.

Matt said...

sarah - A well placed penis clip can be a thing of beauty.

sadie - I'm no expert on the female anatomy - just kidding! What? You expected me to have a point?

leigh - Thanks, I have a knack at driving women to tears of laughter. Well, at least half the time it's because of laughter.

diesel - Both Knocked Up and Superbad are going to be very popular dvds.

april - I have a teensy confession: I haven't seen The Notebook in its entirety. Technically I saw a single preview from which I extrapolated into a 2 hour movie. I'm just good like that.

I hope you like Superbad when you see it, but I should probably warn you that it's a little different from The Departed.

april said...

A single preview, uh? Well thats not as bad as what I sometimes do, which is pass judgment on a movie after reading only a paragraph long previw in the papper(I should try to break that habit).

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